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Take Pictures with Your Binoculars

Monday Jun 6, 2011
Digital Binocular -

Digital Binocular

Tools designers these days often produce gadgets that can perform several functions. Lighters double as flashlights, walking canes convert to stools. Hi-tech gadgets are not excluded. Your wristwatch no longer only tells time. It can incorporate a heart rate monitor and even a GPS navigation device. Your cell phone not only connects you with your family and friends, it connects you to the world with its Internet browser. It can also take pictures. And so can your binoculars.

The combination of a binocular with a digital camera, called either a digital camera binocular or digital binocular, opens new possibilities and opportunities. For one thing, you no longer need to carry two separate gadgets to view spectacular sights and record them during your travels, hunting, or bird watching trips. You can watch sports events as if you were up close and take photos of that moment when the ball is dunked into the basket, or when a batter hits a homerun.

In a digital camera binocular, the magnification of both camera and binocular is set at the same level. The most common settings range from 7x to 10x, which is a range that meets the requirements of most binocular users. Because of the same magnification of the binocular and camera, the picture that you get will be close enough to the image that you see in your binocular. However, you cannot expect them to be identical. This is because a digital camera binocular will never be able to look at the world in the same way your eyes can.

Digital camera binoculars available in the market have objective lens diameters starting from 25 mm up to a high of 50 mm. Those with the larger lenses allow you to view images and take pictures even in low-light conditions but you have to sacrifice portability as these are bulkier and heavier.

In terms of the graphic resolution, you can choose a digital camera binocular with a 1 up to 4 megapixel capacity. If you plan to print large photos you will want a camera with a higher megapixel rating. For a high quality 5″x7″ print, for instance, you will need at least 3 megapixels. One megapixel, however, will suffice for your personal album collections.

The LCD screens in digital camera binoculars can come either as a flip up type or one that lies face up on top of the camera. The former comes with more expensive cameras but the ease and convenience it offers offsets this additional cost. With the flip up type, you do not have to drop your camera to view the LCD screen.

There are also digital camera binoculars that offer autofocus options. This feature is a huge help in taking clear, crisp, and sharp photos.

While the best qualities of a digital camera and a binocular may be sacrificed when they are combined into a single gadget, the features available in them are more than sufficient to meet the needs of most users. On balance, digital camera binoculars are a good investment.